All Saints church

The establishment of the Catholic parish in Hodowica it is dated to the 13th century, the first certain indication comes from 1498. The wooden parish church fell victim to the Tatar invasion in 1621, and 10 years later it was rebuilt. In the years 1751–1758 a new, magnificent church in a baroque style was erected, funded by the parish priest Fr. Szczepan Mikulski, archdeacon of curia in Lwów. The author behind the architectural design was the famous Lwów architect Bernard Meretyn. In later years this church served as a model for the construction of other churches in Galicia: in Buczacz, Brzozdowce, Łopatyn, Rawa Ruska, Busko and Tarnogród.

Bernard Meretyn had designed also the interior concept. The sculptural decorations were made by the most prominent sculptor in Lwów – Johan Georg Pinsel, in collaboration with Maciej Polejowski, and the wall polychrome were made by Aleksander Roliński.

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