The Pilgrims’ church

Hodowica was widely known for its beautiful church and its unique decorations. From the time when the image of Our Lady of Consolation was acknowledged, it was visited by crowds of pilgrims. Every year on August 15th, on the celebration of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven (traditional Our Lady of Herbs, Matki Boskiej Zielnej), a magnificent indulgence was held. On foot and in carts, people went to their Mother, carrying the fruits of fields, grains and herbs, thanks and requests.

Pilgrims used to come to the famous indulgence in Hodowica from nearby Basiówka and Nawaria, as well as from Maliczkowice, Obroszyn, Sokolniki, Porszna, Skniłów and the city of Lwów.

Exactly 50 years after the last indulgence in 1945 – on August 15, 2015, pilgrims from Wrocław came to Hodowica, where they participated in the Holy Mass in front of the church, organized by Ukrainian habitants, friends and supporters. Pilgrimages in August have become a tradition – they take place every year, always with the intention of rebuilding the church.

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