Our Lady of Consolation from Hodowica

The image of Our Lady of Consolation from Hodowica is a copy of a little statue of St. Mary with the Child, which was located in a roadside chapel near Olomouc in Moravia, between Eichhorn (Veveří) and Braunseifen (Ryžoviště).

In 1798, one of the copies, painted with watercolors, went to Zatoka family in Basiówka, a village belonging to the parish of Hodowica. In 1839, the farmer’s daughter, got married to Jędrzej Rączkowski and she took the painting with her to Hodowica. Years passed and the image of St. Mary was so damaged that the spouses were thinking about replacing it by new one. However, on January 25th, 1852 it was noticed that the painting was unexpectedly renewed, taking on vivid colours. The convened church commissions did not find any interference by third parties. The painting was placed in the church in Hodowica. Poles, Slovaks, Ruthenians and Czechs prayed before it, repeatedly experiencing the miraculous help of Madonna.

As a result of post-war (WW II) boarders shift, Polish population was transferred from their settlements to new territories in Western Poland. Habitants from Lwów region were expatriated to Wrocław and other locations in Lower Silesia and Pomerania. The Our Lady from Hodowica painting was taken by Fr. Jarosław Chomicki, the last parish priest in Hodowica to Jaworzyna Śląska near Wrocław. Today the image of Our Lady of Consolation from Hodowica is in the church of St. Augustine in Wrocław.

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