Come to Hodowica

South from Lwów is a village…
We invite you to Lviv District, to a small village Hodowica – Godovytsia, located around the pond formed by Szczerek brook, less than 10 kilometers from Lviv center. From the 14th century, the farmers lived and worked in the shadow of the royal city of Lwów: they went to the market with their fruit, vegetables, dairy products… There were blacksmiths and shoemakers in the village. Primary school was established in the mid-nineteenth century.

The distinguished archdeacon of the Roman-Catholic curia of Lwów, Fr. Szczepan Mikulski was the parish priest in Hodowica. Knowing and befriending architects and artists of his epoque, he had founded the Church of All Saints at the end of his busy life. To this work Fr Szczepan Mikulski had invited the architect of St. Jura Cathedral in Lviv – Bernard Meretyn, the famous sculptor – Johan Georg Pinsel and the painter of polychromes – Aleksander Roliński. The artists created a magnificent church which was a pearl of a late baroque art in Poland.

Thanks to the architecture, artistic value and interior decoration, the church in Hodowica has been a unique and priceless object of the cultural landscape of the Lviv region.

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